25 TON PORTABLE UNIT - Yancey Bros. Co.


These air conditioners have high-efficiency condenser coils that are perfect for an assortment of applications. From comfort cooling to process cooling these units will ensure your team or process stay on track during the hottest parts of the summer. These units also have 72 KW electric heat strips to add to its versatility so when winter rolls around all you have to do is flip a switch.

  • Power: 480v 3 phase w/ CamLock Connections. The unit has a second set of CamLock connections to act a pass-through to daisy chain units together
  • Cooling Capacity: 270,000 BTUH
  • Heating Capacity: 72 KW (two stages)
  • Dimensions: 32”x60”x64”
  • Weight: 1,392lbs
  • Units offers 110V convenience outlet
  • Unit has 20” supply and return duct ports
  • Unit capable of being run in DH mode
25 Ton Portable A/C UNIT