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Improve Performance by 20%
with Cat G.E.T.

Yancey supplies Georgia with Cat Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T.) that let your business dig into its next ground-breaking project.

Cat G.E.T. are the only heavy-duty tools engineered with your entire business in mind. They are built by the industry leader and designed to perform in tandem with Cat buckets and machines that are optimized for productivity the moment you hit the ground.

Yancey can provide bucket teeth replacement, bucket tips replacement, dozer blade replacement services, and more.

The right G.E.T. can improve your operation’s productivity and profitability. Caterpillar products provide the right integrated equipment add-ons built to specific application requirements. Yancey can help outfit your business to your needs.

Maximize Productivity with AdvansysTM

Yancey also supplies the Advansys tips and teeth system – built by Caterpillar.

Switching your G.E.T. to Advansys will improve machine productivity, balancing tip wear material and penetration requirements. Its integrated hammerless retention ensures you get back to work quickly without a separate retainer.

Replacing G.E.T. for Big Machines

Construction, mining, agricultural, and other earth-moving equipment rely on high-quality Cat G.E.T. for maximum protection against structural harm and machine wear use. Yancey can help protect your Ground Engaging Tools’ blades, buckets, and ripper shanks.

Bucket Teeth, Bucket Tips, Dozer Blades & More Parts Available

Whether it is a bucket teeth replacement or a bucket tip replacement, Yancey can help get your machines back to a top-notch condition ultimately increasing productivity.

With 98% of parts available the next day or sooner, you can be sure we have ground-engaging tools to get these Cat machines back to work.

Protection Guaranteed

Caterpillar warrants most ground-engaging tools against breakage during normal operation. If a piece of Cat G.E.T. breaks, Caterpillar will replace it at no charge. Yancey can help walk you through the warranty details.