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Electrify Your Bus & Truck Fleet

Yancey is a certified dealer of Xos Electric Trucks and Blue Bird Electric buses in Georgia. When you equip your fleet with electric buses and trucks you can expect an environmentally friendly and lower cost-of-ownership than diesel. Through Yancey’s Rig360 and our Blue Bird Dealerships you also get a full-service solution for electric buses, on-highway trucks, and parts and service when you need them.

It’s time to go electric in Georgia. And Yancey can help move you forward today.

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Benefits of Electric Buses and Trucks

Failing EGR systems, oil changes and unpredictable fuel costs can all add up for your bus and truck fleet. A solution that improves efficiency and sustainability is to go electric. Your fleet can save more than 40% by replacing diesel with a simple zero-emissions propulsion system.

The increased uptime and lower maintenance keep your fleet on the road longer.

Your driver’s ride will be quieter. The instant torque at zero RPM will get them there faster, wherever there may be, and our buses’ zero emissions make it the most environmentally friendly ride on the road.

The Yancey Difference

Our on-road use is certified across the nation. Yancey’s Rig360 is part of an industry-leading nationwide network for component supplies, so no matter where your fleet is, you can access reliable, high-volume replacement parts quickly.