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Rent Man / Personnel Lifts in Georgia

Man lift rentals offer ways to work, film, photograph, and operate warehouses. Yancey has one of the largest inventories in Georgia, including many different man lift rentals for possible customers to choose from. Their options can help you rent man lifts that come in many different platform reaches and ranges. The extraordinary working heights that are possible with these lifts reach 225 feet with platforms from 19 to 36 feet.

Choose a man lift rental and rent man lifts from Yancey made by premium brands like JLG, SkyJack, and Genie. And, with nearly 200 service trucks, Yancey will optimize your uptime and minimize failure.  Check out Yancey’s incredible selection of lifts and rentals, and contact their incredible technical team to discuss your projects.


Rent Personnel / Man Lifts Online

JLG Personnel Lift
Brand / ModelPlatform Ht.Working Ht.Stowed Ht.
Genie GR-2019 ft. 9 inch25 ft. 9 inch6 ft. 6 inch
SkyJack SJ 1615 ft. 7 inch21 ft. 7inch5 ft. 9 inch
JLG 20MVL19 ft. 1 inch225 ft. 1 inch6 ft. 6 inch
JLG 36AM-DC36AM-DC26 ft. 3 inch8 ft. 6 inch