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Rent Articulating & Straight Boom Lifts in Georgia

An articulating boom lift rental can be helpful for accessing and using hard-to-reach spaces. These boom lifts can come in various platform lengths and ranges for your location and job. In general, platform capacities can reach up to 750 lbs with vertical ranges from 30 to 135 feet as well as with platforms from 16 to 96 feet. By choosing a straight boom lift rental or articulating boom lift rental, you can transport and work in average and sensitive conditions. Then, telescopic straight booms can reach maximum height and have terrific horizontal reach to help.

Yancey has the largest inventories to rent boom lifts in Georgia, and you can find a boom lift easily by speaking with Yancey and learning how it might be right for your project. See how many different options, ranges, heights, and models, Yancey can offer to boost your productivity and make jobs possible.


Rent Boom Lifts Online

JLG Boom Lift

Straight Boom Rentals

Brand / ModelHeightCapacity
Genie S-40 4WD40 ft.500 lb
JLG, 400S40 ft.600 lb
Genie S-45 4WD45 ft.500 lb
JLG, 460SJ46 ft.595 lb
Genie S-60 X 4WD58.33 ft.750 lb
JLG, 600S60 ft.600 lb
Genie S-65 2WD65 ft.750 lb
JLG, 800S80 ft.500 lb
Genie S-85 4WD85 ft.500 lb
JLG, 1200SJP120 ft.507 lb
Genie S-125125 ft.750 lb

Articulating Boom Rentals

Brand / ModelHeightPlatform Length
JLG, E300AJP29.41 ft.48 inch
Genie Z-30/20N30 ft.30 inch
Genie TZ-34/2034 ft.26.8 inch
Genie Z-34/22N34.5 ft.30 inch
Genie Z-40/30N40.5 ft.30 inch
JLG, 450AJ Series II45 ft.72 inch
JLG, E450AJ45 ft.72 inch
Genie Z-45/35N45.75 ft.30 inch
Genie TZ-5049.51 ft.26.8 inch
JLG, 600AJ60 ft.96 inch
Genie Z-60/34 4WD60.33 ft.36 inch
JLG, X600AJ60.58 ft.96 inch
Genie Z-80/60 4WD78 ft.36 inch
JLG, 800AJ80 ft.96 inch