Hybrid Energy and Power Systems in Georgia | Yancey

Powering a Better world

Energy transitions to hybrid energy solutions offer cleaner more innovative solutions to sustainable power. Whether your need is continuous power, or standby power, a 10kW-100mW microgrid solution offers the reliability of caterpillar generator sets while also bettering

Why Microgrid Solutions?

Integration from renewable energy sources to the traditional generator set helps lower fuel storage & delivery costs, and significantly reduce the cost of electricity for industries.

What is a microgrid & How do they work?

Microgrid panels are layers of molded plastic, +ve electrode, +ve semiconductor, -ve semiconductor, -ve electrode, and solar cells. These layers take sunlight into direct current and convert it to alternator current as a result of DC/AC converters. The energy is then stored in traditional solutions like lithium Ion or flywheels, or modern solutions like ultra-capacitors, or metal-air. The load is then dispensed between the generator, the stored energy, and the microgrid. Usage is determined by the load set amount, and how much energy each of these sources is pulling or storing using a master microgrid controller.