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Rent Scissor Lifts in Georgia

Scissor lift rentals help to move workers vertically and have many industry applications in retail, construction, manufacturing and beyond. When you rent a scissor lift, they can reach heights between 18 and 50 feet where platforms can be 28 to 96 inches in width, 56 to 192 inches in length. These dimensions create comfortable working environments for those operating and working on the lift, and it helps to choose the right model for your project.

Yancey offers these lifts through the largest rental inventory in Georgia, backed by the largest technician team in the state with over 195 service trucks to maintain your equipment and maximize uptime. By offering premium brands like Genie, JLG, SkyJack, and MEC, you can get the best possible lift with all the features you need, including dual fuel, diesel, and electric lifts.


Rent Scissor Lifts Online

Genie Scissor Lift from Yancey
Brand / ModelFuelHeight / WeightPlatform Width
Genie 5390 RTDiesel50 ft. / 192 inch90 inch
Genie GS-4047Electric29 ft. / 89 inch45.3 inch
JLG 1930 ESElectric18.75 ft. / 74 inch30 inch
JLG 2630 ESElectric25.49 ft. / 90.5 inch30 inch
JLG 430 LRTDiesel43 ft. / 154 inch79 inch
SkyJack SJ6832 RTDual32 ft. / 56 inch96 inch
SkyJack SJIII 3226Electric26 ft. / 84 inch28 inch
Genie 3369 RTDiesel32 ft. / 110 inch63 inch
MEC Micro-19Electric18.4 ft. / 78 inch27.5 inch
MEC Micro-26Electric26 ft. / 103.5 inch29.1 inch
Genie GS-2632Electric26 ft. / 125 inch32 inch