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TL1055 Telehandler
TL1055 Telehandler

The TL1055 is precision engineered to handle any task, offering stability, maneuverability, speed and power in any application.

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Engine Model Cat® C3.6L*
Gross Power - Basic 134 HP
Note *Meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.
Rated Load Capacity 10000 lb
Maximum Lift Height 54.9 ft
Maximum Forward Reach 42 ft
Top Travel Speed 21 mile/h
Capacity at Maximum Reach (o/r Down) 2500 lb
Drawbar Pull - Loaded 26510 lbf
Capacity at Maximum Height (o/r Down) 5000 lb
Frame Leveling 10°
Maximum Lift Height (o/r Down) 54.9 ft
Turning Radius - Over Tires 14.1 ft
Maximum Rated Load Capacity 10000 lb
Operating Weight 31700 lb
Pump Type Variable displacement load sensing axial piston pump
Auxiliary Hydraulic Pressure 3307 psi
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow 25 gal/min
Fuel Tank 38 gal (US)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tank 5.7 gal (US)
Hydraulic System 49 gal (US)
Types (1) Trunnion mounted planetary 55-degree steer axles
Types (2) High bias limited slip differential on front axle
Service Brakes Inboard wet disc brakes on front and rear axles
Parking Brakes Wet disc, spring applied hydraulic release on front axle
Forward 4 Speeds
Reverse 3 Speeds
Standard 400/75-28 Duraforce Air
Optional 400/75-28 Duraforce Foam; 360/85-28 Telemaster Solid; 14.00-24 16PR Air; 14.00-24 12PR Foam; 400/75-28 Non-Marking Air; 400/75-28 Non-Marking Foam
Boom Up 15 s
Boom Down 13 s
Tele In 15.3 s
Tele Out 19.7 s
Carriages: Standard Tilt - Option 3 72 in
Fork Mounted - Work Platform 1220 mm × 2438 mm (4 ft × 8 ft)
Carriages: Standard Tilt - Option 1 50 in
Forks: Pallet - Option 2 60 in
Carriages: Side Tilt - Option 1 50 in
Truss with Winch - Option 1 3 ft
Truss with Winch - Option 2 12 ft
Carriages: Dual Hydraulic Fork Positioner - Option 1 50 in
Buckets: Multi Purpose 1.3 yd³
Carriages: Dual Hydraulic Fork Positioner - Option 2 72 in
Forks: Pallet - Option 3 72 in
Material Handling Arm Adjustable 2-4 m (Adjustable 6.7-13.2 ft)
Forks: Lumber 60 in
Forks: Pallet - Option 1 48 in
Carriages: Swing, 100° 72 in
Fork Extensions* 90 in
Buckets: General Purpose - Option 2 2 yd³
Buckets: Grapple 1.7 yd³
Carriages: Standard Tilt - Option 2 60 in
Fork Mounted - Hook Lifting Hook
Carriages: Side Tilt - Option 2 72 in
Truss Booms - Option 2 15 ft
Forks: Block/Cubing 48 in
Buckets: General Purpose - Option 1 1.3 yd³
Note *For use with 1525 mm (60 in) forks or larger
Truss Booms - Option 1 12 ft
Carriages: Side Shift 50 in
Fork Mounted - Truss Boom Adjustable 2.1-3.6 m (Adjustable 7-12 ft)
Coupler Hydraulic IT Coupler (Includes Auxiliary Electronics)
Fork Mounted - Hopper Trash Hopper
Operating Weight 31700 lb

All day operator comfort and efficiency is ensured through our simple, logical control layout.

Cab entry and exit is both easier and more convenient due to the well placed handholds.

The machine provides full operator security with OROPS or EROPS protection.

The TL-Series cab has improved visibility due to the use of advanced virtual design techniques.

The joystick allows three simultaneous boom functions and operates the auxiliary hydraulic function. It allows the option of a second auxiliary service for the use of work tools that require more than one hydraulic service.

Three simultaneous hydraulic functions are achieved using a full flow sharing hydraulic valve. A load sensing variable displacement pump allows full hydraulic power even at low revs.

The TL1055 can effectively pick and place materials to a maximum height of 54.9 ft. (16.7 m).

Job site obstacles present challenges demanding a machine to place loads at greater distances - the TL1055 delivers.

The TL1055 offers improved maneuverability, allowing it to work productively in confined areas.

The TL1055 offers three steering modes (two wheel, crab and circle steer) to allow an operator to more easily position the machine. Steering modes are selected by a single three-position rocker switch. Steering position sensors are fitted as standard to all steering modes to be changed while moving.

The TL1055 features a Cat PG145 power-shift transmission.

A manual IT quick coupler is standard on the TL-Series machines. For optimum versatility, an optional hydraulic quick coupler is available, allowing the operator to more easily change non-hydraulic work tools without leaving the cab.

A wide range of work tools are available to meet most job site applications. Caterpillar Telehandler Work Tools extend the versatility of the machine. Built for performance and durability, these work tools deliver high productivity, long life and excellent value.

  • General Purpose Bucket (1.0 m3/1.3 yd3)
  • Light Materials Bucket (2.0 m3/2.6 yd3, 2.5 m3/3.25 yd3, 3.0 m3/3.90 yd3)
  • Material Handling Bucket (1.5 m3/1.95 yd3)
  • Multi Purpose Bucket (1.0 m3/1.3 yd3)
  • Grapple Bucket (0.85 m3/1.1 yd3)
  • Fixed Carriage
  • Rotate Carriage
  • Sideshift Carriage
  • Pallet Forks
  • Block Forks
  • Lift Hook
  • Truss Boom
  • Self-tipping Hopper
  • Material Handling Arm
Contact your Cat dealer for additional work tool options.

A wide range of tire options enables the machine to be configured to achieve optimum job site performance, including foam-filled and non-marking tires.

Cost of ownership starts with ease of service. All Cat Telehandler service points are accessible and major components are at ground level due to overall machine design.

Routine daily maintenance is now reduced to checking fluid levels and a walkaround inspection.

Engine oil, filter changes and routine lubrication are now only required every 500 hours.

With the reduction in the number of filters and extended service intervals, operating costs are the lowest in the industry.

Designed to enhance your telehandler ownership experience with comprehensive coverage and peace of mind.

All Cat Telehandler service points, including the combined transmission/hydraulic oil filter, are accessible and major components are at ground level due to the overall machine design. A cab mounted service point allows access to the fuel fill, hydraulic oil fill, washer bottle, fuse box and cab air filter for routine checks.

Make detailed comparisons before you buy. Your Cat Dealer can give you precise answers to your questions.

Look at the value that the TL1055 telehandler will offer you. Consider all the flexible financing options your Cat Dealer offers as well as day to day operating costs.

Improving operating techniques can boost your profits. Your Cat Dealer has literature and other tools to help increase your productivity.

Repair, rebuild or replace? Your Cat Dealer can help you evaluate the cost involved so you can make the right choice.

You will find high availability of parts at our Dealer parts counter. Cat Dealers utilize a worldwide computer network to find in-stock parts to minimize machine downtime. Additionally, Caterpillar offers a line of genuine remanufactured components which can help lower repair costs.

Your Cat Dealer can provide a financing package to meet your needs.