You push through some of the most abrasive materials. You need an undercarriage that can take on that challenge with industry-leading low cost-per-hour performance. The answer? Cat® Abrasion™. A direct replacement for SystemOne™ — with design improvements based on real-world applications — Cat Abrasion performs better and lasts 50% longer than conventional undercarriage* in your high-abrasion, low-to-medium impact applications.

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There are materials that want to do your undercarriage harm. They’re out there, lurking at the job site, waiting to damage your components and your bottom line. But don’t worry, there’s a solution.

Get the lowest cost per hour in high-abrasion, low-to-moderate impact applications with new Cat® Abrasion™ Undercarriage. Look inside for new cartridge improvements. Changes in seal coating, shape and load ring design reduce corrosion, dry joints and packing. Every innovation leads to longer life and lower cost.