On-Highway Engine Rebuild Promotion

Heavy-Duty precious metals overhaul kits give you cost-effective, high-quality overhaul options that help you get the most out of your engine. Each kit meets the manufacturer’s recommended engine overhaul practices.

Four Levels for Every Situation or Budget


  • Low-cost repair option
  • Includes value-add components such as oil and fuel filters
  • Includes components that you might not think of replacing such as exhaust sleeves and exhaust manifold studs
  • No core charge


  • A basic in-frame overhaul (comparable to most will-fit in-frame overhaul kits)
  • Builds on the Bronze kit
  • No core charge


  • A basic in-frame overhaul
  • Includes the core parts from the Bronze kit and the added bonus of remanufactured cylinder pack assemblies (which are beneficial because the rods, pistons, rings and liners come preassembled, saving four to six hours of labor compared with the Silver kit)


  • Includes the components from the Gold kit, plus remanufactured cylinder head assembly and cylinder head bolt set, Reman fuel injector, Reman water pump and Reman oil pump
  • Optimizes performance and fuel economy
  • Maximizes the built-in second or third life of your engine