The upright, two-module design with built-in transport dolly enhances the mobility and maneuverability of these air scrubbers and their ability to operate in tight spaces. they offer hinged, “no tools” pre-filter access. These units have been independently tested and certified in accordance with applicable UL and CSA safety requirements. These units can be used with HEAP, carbon, and pleated filters depending on the application. These units are capable of creating negative and positive pressure environments.

  • Peak airflow: 700-2,100 cfm
  • 6ACH in 18,000-21,000ft3
  • Dimensions 31.5×25.25×49.75”
  • Requires 120 VAC, 60Hz, 15 amps
  • Produces 60% more vacuum power
  • HEPA certified (True 99.97%+ efficiency)