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LT114 Landscape Tiller
LT114 Landscape Tiller
LT114 Landscape Tiller
LT114 Landscape Tiller

Landscape Tillers break up and mix soil in landscaping applications.

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Working Width 53.3 in
Working Depth 25-152 mm (1-6 in)
Weight 925.9 lb
Overall Width 70.4 in
Height 29.7 in
Length 37.6 in
Optimal Hydraulic Flow 42-86 L/min (11-23 gpm)
Optimal Hydraulic Pressure 145-235 bar (2100-3400 psi)
Motor Displacement 38.4 in³
Drum Speed 127 rpm @ 80 L/min (21 gpm)
Number of Hard Face Tines 24
Required Hydraulics Standard Flow

Designed for breaking up and pulverizing soil, mixing compost or other materials into existing soil, and stabilizing and leveling existing terrain in landscape finish applications.

Single motor direct drive system is matched to the machine's auxiliary hydraulic system for maximum performance.

Unique spiral tine arrangement provides 10% greater cutting performance over tillers with standard placements.

Tines are hardened for maximum strength, durability and wear life in the toughest soil conditions. The bolt-on design provides quick change versatility and extended work tool life.

Two full-width torque tubes provide rigid structural enforcement of tiller housing. Front torque tube design minimizes hood damage caused from larger rocks.

Arm level indicator provides operator a visual set-up and operating reference with top tiller attachment arms designed parallel to skid shoe.

Adjustable and replaceable skid shoes with three position tiller depth adjustment allows for tilling depth to be quickly adjusted without skid shoe removal.

Serrated steps provide safe ingress and egress from machine cab.