Emergency Power

In 2009, Yancey Power implemented a plan to provide improved rental and distribution of power generation and temperature control equipment during a time of natural disaster.

Although any type of natural disaster can be applied to the plan, YPS is called on frequently by customers in Georgia to be their power generation and temperature control resource during hurricane season. Tornados, floods and ice storms also affect businesses and municipalities across Georgia on a frequent basis.

During a natural disaster, Yancey Power's customers rely heavily on getting the needed equipment sourced and delivered in an expedient manner. Yancey Power's Natural Disaster First Responder Plan allows our Reps to provide our customers with rental confirmation details in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

During a time of natural disaster YPS's First Responder Team of Rental Specialists and support staff will be dispatched to a centralized command center location to field telephone calls and inquiries, to complete rental transactions from start to finish, and to dispatch equipment immediately. This process will happen as the disaster is in process. For example, as the final path of a hurricane is announced and predicted to make landfall, the team will be dispatched - even if it is 2 a.m. The goal of Yancey Power is to get the needed resources - power generation units and temperature control equipment - into the hands of businesses and governmental response teams in the affected areas as quickly as possible.

If you would like more information on equipping your business or municipality with backup power and/or temperature control systems, or if you want more information on Yancey Power's Disaster Response program, please contact one of YPS' Power Rental Specialists. They will be glad to work with you on a plan so your business will be prepared should a natural disaster affect your area of Georgia.


Don Crump - (912) 655-7647

Bill Sanford - (678) 945-2634

Brian Riley - (404) 886-2371

Steven Nikolopoulus - (404) 886-0954

To download a Hurricane Tracking Map for the southeastern U.S., please click on this link. The map can be printed out and used to track the progress of tropical storms in the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic.