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Protect your Cat® equipment with the ground engaging tools (GET) that are designed specifically for them. All Cat cutting-edge systems make sure you move more material longer with less downtime for lower cost per hour. Choose the features you need to match your needs and get the results you want. Every system ensures your machines are effective and efficient as your application demands.


All Cat edge systems equip your machines for optimum performance and service life. Yancey is always available with the parts and service:

  • Identify signs of premature wear and suggest corrective action
  • Suggest operating techniques to reduce wear
  • Offer other blade protection products like weld-on half arrows, pin-on side-bar protectors, and wear plates
  • Explain how other manufacturers’ components could damage moldboards
  • Determine the best combination of components for your application to give you the lowest cost per hour

Cutting Edge Options

Precision Cutting Edge
For optimizing blade performance

Models D3-D5

  • 20% more wear material, lower cost per hour*
  • Extended Wear Life edges offer 40% more wear material*
  • The only cutting edges with wear indicators rolled right into the edge material.

(*Compared to legacy cutting edges)



Performance Cutting Edge
For your most demanding applications

Models D6-D8

  • Wear material equivalent to standard production system
  • Up to 35% increased payload mass
  • Up to 17% greater productivity
  • Increased ground penetration
  • Finish dozing capable
  • Decreased track slip

Bolt On Cutting Edge
Balanced edge systems for every application

For All Wheel Loader Models

  • Available in standard and heavy-duty thicknesses, Cat Abrasion Resistance Material, and half arrow options for certain models.
  • Steel alloy that can endure 2 times the heat and pressure of traditional cutting edge steel products.