Cat Grade Control

CAT® Grade Control


A new, factory-integrated precision grading system, Cat® Grade Control can help both new and experienced machine operators deliver dramatic improvements in grading efficiency over a wide range of applications.

Cat Grade Control takes advantage of many components already built into today's Cat equipment, including sensors, displays and on-board data processing. Compared with aftermarket automated grading systems, this factory attachment reduces redundant components, gives the GPS receiver and sensor systems better protection, and helps the productivity features of today's Cat equipment work together more seamlessly and effectively than ever.

Available on select Cat Track-Type Tractors, Pavers, Mills, Motor Graders, Wheel Tractor Scrapers and Excavators, Cat Grade Control can be upgraded as your needs evolve. It is a cost-effective, all-in-one grading solution that enhances jobsite safety, improves reliability and adds to the machine's value, both on the job and at resale.

  • Cat grade control Depth & slope – E Series Excavators
  • Cat grade control CROSS SLOPE – Motor grader
  • Cat Grade Control 3D – Track Type Tractors

CAT GRADE CONTROL – Depth and Slope – E Series Excavators

With Cat Grade Control, available on our E-Series Excavators, new and experienced operators can work more efficiently and effectively in a wide range of applications. That means you’ll be more productive, complete jobs quicker and lower cost. All of which help keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Working with Cat Grade Control is simple. The system comes fully installed and calibrated, so it’s operational as soon as the machine hits the jobsite. It’s also integrated with the E-Series Excavators’ standard HD display, giving the operator constant access to information that’s clear and easy to read. Adjust depth and slope, set reference points, and catch the laser – all using the joysticks – enabling operators to work more efficiently, with less effort. This means you’ll spend less time making corrections and completing projects, and more time earning money.

To see Cat Grade Control in action, please click on this link to view a video on YouTube.

CAT CROSS SLOPE – Motor Graders

Cat Grade Control Cross Slope is a grade control technology that ensures accurate cross slopes in fewer passes, using less fuel. Accurate, consistent control ensures only the necessary quantity of materials are used, giving contractors better control of costs. The technology is integrated into the machine so everything is purchased on a single invoice. The system is fully scalable to Cat AccuGrade™ for more complex grading jobs.

Cat Grade Control Cross Slope for Motor Graders delivers up to a 50 percent improvement in grading efficiency through reduction in time, fuel and passes, while helping both new and experienced machine operators work more productively. Cat Cross Slope is a factory option that can be fully integrated into M-Series Motor Graders and installed and tested at the factory. Cat Cross Slope systems are job ready from day one. Cat Cross Slope is an upgradeable system. The basic configuration includes the following key benefits and features:

Cross Slope Guidance – Provides automatic control of one side of the blade to maintain a target cross slope in grading applications such as road maintenance.

Cross Coupling – Maintains smooth, consistent slope as the moldboard is raised or lowered. No lag between automatic and manually controlled sides of the moldboard.

Easy, Cost-Effective Upgrades – Cat Cross Slope is a cost- effective platform for upgrades to AccuGrade 2D or 3D

To see Cat Cross Slope in action, please visit this link to view a video on YouTube.

CAT Grade Control 3D – Track Type Tractors

Cat Grade Control 3D for Dozers ensures only the correct amount of material is moved, increasing efficiency of bulk and finish earthmoving operations. Inexperienced operators perform better, sooner maximizing production and saving time and fuel. Grade control reduces rework and ensures the lowest cost per yd/(m) of material moved. It works seamlessly with machine technologies, such as AutoCarry™, Auto Blade Assist and Automatic Ripper Control.