Vision Link

Vision Link®



Our Cat® certified Condition Monitoring Analysts (CMA) use Visionlink throughout the day to monitor our customer’s assets. Visionlink® allows our CMA’s to monitor the location, performance, utilization, and machine health in order to provide accurate analysis of the machines condition. This process called Condition Monitoring saves our customers money by reducing downtime and helping them to better manage their costs.

Our customers also have access to Visionlink®. This provides our customers with an unparalleled level and transparency. When we make recommendations about our customers machines, they can see the evidence supporting it every step of the way.

2D Project Monitoring

2D Project Monitoring is an additional service available to our customers through Visionlink®. Utilizing a combination of switch inputs on the Product Link™ module in the machine, geo-boundaries, and proximity, we at Yancey can help customers monitor cycle times and load counts monitor job site productivity. 2D Project Monitoring can monitor as little as one machine on one site to an entire fleet spread across multiple sites.

3D Project Monitoring

3D Project Monitoring works in conjunction with your Cat® Connect Productivity technology. Using 3D Project Monitoring, customers are able to track 3D earthmoving, grading and finishing operations as well as compaction progress and payload tracking.