Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring (CM) is the pro-active process of evaluating equipment and application data inputs in order to provide maintenance, component replacement, application and repair recommendations that help customers lower owning and operating costs, improve availability and reduce warranty costs.  Yancey Bros. Co. analyzes electronic data, fluids analysis results, inspection results, equipment history and site analysis into value-added recommendations for customers.

Condition Monitoring Analysts

Our Condition Monitoring Analysts (CMA) are certified by Caterpillar to provide the in-depth analysis that is the heart and soul of Condition Monitoring.   CMA’s review the five elements of Condition Monitoring in near real time so that they can accurately diagnose issues with customer machines.  They are the front line of repair before failure!

Five Elements of Condition Monitoring

Schedule Oil Sampling (S•O•S) Fluid Analysis gives you detailed information about oil and coolant conditions, component wear, and more.  Cat® S•O•S Fluid analysts know Cat equipment inside and out, making us your best, most knowledgeable source for fluid analysis.

Inspections are easy and effective at helping you spot equipment health issues.  We can train your people on what to look for or perform the inspections for you as part of a Customer Support Agreement.

Equipment History includes all the service reports and recommendations for maintenance, inspections and repairs.  This helps spot long-term performance trends and identifies opportunities to enhance service and maintenance practices.

Site Conditions is an assessment that helps evaluate a number of factors that could affect your long-term equipment health, including operation and maintenance practices, local site conditions and overall climate/seasonal conditions.

Electronic Equipment Information collects telematics using “smart machine” technologies, such as wirelessly transmitted Product Link and manually downloaded VIMS data.

For a printable copy of our latest Condition Monitoring Service brochure, please click on this link to download the PDF document.