Hurricane Emergency Power Preparedness


This year is predicted to be a 60% more active storm season then we’ve seen in the past. With multiple storms already under our belt, we can confidentiality say more are on the way.

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Take Advantage of These Discounts

Maintenance Discounts for Storm Preparedness
Get a discounted Level 1 generator audit. If any repairs are necessary, they will be discounted as well.

Parts Specials
Additional pricing specials on batteries, valve adjustments and control panel replacements.

Get Storm Ready With These Solutions From Yancey

Generator Preventive Maintenance
Engine service, fuel system service, switchgear maintenance, breaker maintenance, control panel physical and software upgrades, Cat Connect.

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Emergency Standby Power
To avoid the after-effects of these major storms consider upgrading your system or purchasing a portable generator. Aging generators can be unreliable when you need them most.

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Emergency Power Rentals
Our rental team is your one-stop-shop for any temperature control, emergency power generation & portable refrigeration system needs.

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Cat Quick Connect
Cat quick connect generator boxes allows you to quickly connect a rental generator to any system.

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Portable Generators
If you have multiple locations it may be best to look into buying a portable generator for ease of relocating to storm-affected locations.

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Contingency Planning
Consider having a plan in place, and your rental units on hold for when a storm does hit. Ask a Yancey Power Representative to help with an emergency rental contingency plan.

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HVAC & Refrigeration Rental Units
HVAC rental units & refrigeration units are also available for contingency or rent.

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