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The Cat 586C Site Prep Tractor is a multi-purpose, heavy-duty tool carrier with the muscle to power mulchers and brushcutters. You can tackle a variety of land clearing and maintenance projects with one machine, lowering your operation costs. Caterpillar offers the Cat HM825 Mulcher and the Cat BR624 Brushcutter for the 586C.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Cooling System

    High capacity, easy servicing

    Cooling System

    The cooling system is arranged in two panels for easy access to all components. The air conditioning condenser is in a hinged panel that tilts out for easy cleaning and to access the primary panel with the side-by-side mounted primary hydraulic oil cooler, dedicated case drain hydraulic oil cooler, engine radiator and air-to-air aftercooler (ATAAC). In machines equipped with Tier 4 Interim engines, a fuel cooler is integrated into the same panel as the condenser.

    On-demand Reversing Fan

    The oversized, hydraulically driven fan spins at a slower speed overall and only turns as fast as needed to maintain proper hydraulic and engine temperatures. In colder weather or when the machine is first started, for example, the fan spins more slowly to conserve power and fuel and reduce noise. Air is pulled in from the side – not from the engine or from under the hood – preventing debris build-up around the engine. It automatically reverses every five minutes of run time to keep the cooling system free of debris. A manual override allows the operator to activate reversal between scheduled cycles. A heavy-duty fan shroud provides protection when servicing.

    The high capacity cooling system and on-demand reversing fan keep the machine running at the proper operating temperature, optimizing performance, durability and fuel efficiency.


    Fast and smooth with PowerDirect Plus

    Electrohydraulic Controls

    The new 586C features an electrohydraulic control system. The pedals and joysticks communicate through the machine controller to the pumps and motors using electrical signals, rather than hydraulic, to produce more precise and smoother control.

    PowerDirect Plus

    PowerDirect Plus is a new system that optimizes the machine’s performance by monitoring operator and attachment demand and delivering power where and when it is needed.

    Control Valve and Pumps

    Multi-functioning, an advantage for Cat site prep tractors, is the result of a high performance control valve. In addition to field - testing, we put the control valve and hydraulic pumps through extensive lab “torture” tests that simulated the most brutal conditions and environment.

    Cylinder Seals

    Rigorous testing similar to the control valve and pumps and side-by-side testing against competitive cylinders was conducted on the new cylinder seal packages to ensure durability.

    System Protection

    Spin-on hydraulic oil filters and tank suction line strainers keep hydraulic oil clean, which is critical for machine health. The electric fill pump uses a quick coupler hose stored on the machine to pump oil through the filtration system before it enters the tank, safeguarding the hydraulic system.

    Cold Hydraulic Oil Protection

    When you first start up the 586C, the hydraulic oil can be too cold to flow freely, which is important for machine performance and to protect components. A built-in safeguard won’t allow you to operate the machine until a special recirculation circuit warms the oil to the proper operating temperature protecting the machine’s powerful hydraulic system.

    Cat Hoses

    Cat ToughGuard™ hoses and O-ring face seals throughout the machine improve machine life and reliability, particularly along the lift arms and through the center hitch due to the increased strength and flexibility. The ToughGuard cover consists of a layer of UHMW polyethylene bonded to the rubber cover, providing exceptional abrasion resistance.

    The heart of the 586C hydraulic system is the new PowerDirect Plus system, which goes beyond load-sensing to efficiently distribute power to increase the capability of each system and maximize productivity.

    PowerDirect Plus does not require the operator to reduce demand or do anything differently – just focus on the work. Critical machine systems in the 586C are oversized, which increases overall machine capacity. This gives each machine hydraulic system – attachment, hydrostat, main and fan – more capability than ever before.

    PowerDirect Plus dedicates the horsepower needed to run power-hungry attachments, such as mulchers and brushcutters, without slowing other functions. The oversized attachment pump pushes more flow to the attachment for faster recovery and minimal stalling.


    More horsepower, less fuel

    Electronic-Controlled High-Pressure Fuel System

    The C9 ACERT engine is equipped with an electronic-controlled high-pressure fuel system that includes an electric priming pump and three-layer fuel hose to allow the use of biodiesel.

    Cat C9 ACERT Tier 3 engine: Available in Lesser and Non-Regulated Countries (LRC)

    The Cat C9 ACERT engine performs at U.S. Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA emission levels and provides clean, quiet operation while delivering superior performance and durability. The engine features a flat power curve for outstanding response in the working RPM range, noise reduction technologies, and patented ACERT Technology combined with common rail fuel system, smart waste gate turbocharger and crossflow head design for reduced emissions.

    Biodiesel Ready

    The C9 engine is designed to burn biodiesel fuel (meeting ASTM 6751 or EN 14214) up to B20 (biodiesel 20 percent mixture).

    Cat C9 ACERT Tier 4 Interim engine: Available in Highly Regulated Countries (HRC)

    Field data and customer input have shown that the Cat C9 ACERT engine delivers more horsepower at lower engine speeds using less fuel than the previous series. The C9 meets U.S. Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage IIIB emission standards. In designing the C9, new technology was incorporated to ensure that changes to meet emissions requirements would not increase operating costs, reduce uptime or shorten service life.

    Aftertreatment Regeneration Emissions Solution

    Driven by customer input, Caterpillar’s aftertreatment regeneration emissions solution works with no operator intervention needed. In automatic mode, the machine starts the regeneration process once the filtering system reaches a specified level and conditions are optimal. Productivity is not affected by the regeneration process. The system will not interrupt work and can regenerate during machine operation with no impact on machine performance. With a touch of a button inside the cab, the operator can override the automatic mode and switch to manual mode for initiating or disabling the regeneration process. On average, regeneration is needed only every 10 hours and takes 20-25 minutes. The diesel particulate filter only needs to be cleaned every 5,000 hours – approximately every two years.

    Power Train

    Reliable hydrostatic drive

    Two-speed Gearbox

    The two-speed gearbox is mounted horizontally instead of vertically, eliminating the need for splash lubrication and improving durability.


    Axles feature a full-length oil sump for excellent heat rejection and long component life. An oscillating rear axle absorbs shock loads caused by stumps and holes and helps isolate the cab from axle movement for a smooth, comfortable ride, while maximizing fore-aft stability.


    The inline parking brake is spring applied and hydraulically released. Inboard service brakes provide excellent performance and are protected from water, dust and oil.

    Triple Pad Pump Drive

    The Cat C Series design features a triple pad pump drive. One drive runs the attachment pump; the second the main machine pump; and the third runs the hydrostat and fan pumps.

    Differential Locks

    During normal operation all four wheels move independently to maximize agility. In extreme conditions like slippery or steep terrain, pressing and holding a trigger button on the joystick will engage the front differential lock to make the front tires turn in sync. The rear differential lock is easily engaged and disengaged by an on/off button on the right hand console.

    Cat engines, field-proven hydrostatic drive and Cat axles make a solid, responsive power train. A new design to keep the gearbox well lubricated provides even more durability.


    Durability built into every part


    Lift arm and tilt link pins are 63.5 mm (2.5 in) diameter and chrome-plated to prevent corrosion. Micro‑cracks in the chrome plating help retain grease on the pin surface to increase durability.

    Steering Cylinder Mounts

    The steering cylinders are mounted to large, thick plates that are integrated into the frame and extend from the steering cylinders in the center hitch to the axle housings in the front and rear of the machine. These plates carry the steering cylinder force straight to the axles, rather than sending the load through the machine’s frame, increasing structural life.

    Other Structural Features Include:

    • Robust guarding on the tilt arm cylinders to prevent damage from limbs.
    • New cylindrical steering stops designed to take abuse and protect the frame when the machine makes a hard turn.
    • Big, rigid steps with gripper surface.

    Center Hitch

    The field-proven center hitch design features large dual tapered roller bearings and 76.2 mm (3 in) diameter pins providing maximum durability. With up to 90º articulation, maneuverability in tight applications is an advantage of the Cat site prep tractor.

    Lift Arms

    The precision manufactured lift arms are rugged and designed to support severe loading from the attachment.

    Robust box section frames provide a solid foundation for a machine designed to keep you working. Every structure was engineered for durability and verified through lab and field tests.

    Pressurized Compartments

    For a cooler and cleaner machine

    Engine/Hydraulic Compartment

    The engine and hydraulics are located in a separate compartment at the rear of the machine. An electric reversing fan draws cool ambient air into the compartment. This forces hot air out of the engine compartment while pressurizing it, preventing debris from entering and keeping engine electronics and sensors cool.

    Cooling Compartment

    Removable rubber baffling separates the cooling system from the engine/hydraulic compartment. This prevents the cooling system from pulling hot air from the engine compartment through the cooler, maximizing the cooler’s efficiency.

    Aftertreatment Compartment

    The aftertreatment compartment (only in machines equipped with Tier 4 engines), which contains the Cat Clean Emissions Module, is pressurized by airflow from the cooling package. As the air is pulled through the cooling package, the side screens provide resistance and some of the airflow enters the aftertreatment compartment and forces hot air out while preventing debris from entering the compartment.

    In a typical land management or right-of-way project, the air is dry and dusty with a lot of vegetation debris kicked up during mowing or mulching. In designing the 586C, special attention was focused on keeping the machine cool and free of debris. The machine is segmented into separate compartments that are pressurized to prevent debris from entering. Less debris build-up means less time required for cleaning it out and better performance. The pressurized airflow keeps electronics, sensors and other key components cool during long workdays.

    Operator Station

    Superior comfort and visibility


    The cab is centered between the axles for the most comfortable ride possible. No bucking. The standard air suspension seat with neck and back support adds to a smooth ride, keeping the operator comfortable and focused.

    HVAC System

    The durable, high capacity HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system provides dependable cooling or heating no matter how hot or cold it gets. Vents in front and on both sides can be directed toward the operator or the windows. This also contributes to increased operator productivity and can help reduce mental and physical fatigue at the end of the day.


    A clean three-piece front windshield, standard rear view camera and skylight give the operator a 360° view. The operator can see the work zone easily without having to strain or reposition the machine.


    The display allows the operator to continuously monitor the machine’s systems. Early indications give the operator the opportunity to react before potential problems become actual problems. A clean and clear monitor provides detailed machine data to maximize machine uptime and productivity. Finding information is intuitive:

    • The home screen displays the condition of primary systems, such as fuel level, engine and hydraulic temperatures, and engine speed and attachment performance information. Press the corresponding button along the bottom of the screen to get more detail on any item. As an example, under the hydraulic system selection, the two-speed gearbox oil level indicator is displayed.
    • If an engine or hydraulic problem occurs, the monitor will display an easy-to-understand text explanation, along with any applicable fault codes.
    • If a machine condition requires immediate action, a warning buzzer will sound to draw the operator’s attention to the monitor. The operator must acknowledge the warning to turn off the alarm. Depending on how serious the warning, the alarm will continue to sound until the condition is remedied.
    • Everything the system does is recorded in the system log, a useful feature for monitoring machine health and operator activity.

    Control Adjustability

    All key operator functions – steering, lift and tilt – are fully adjustable through the machine monitor. Overall speed and response to operator input can be adjusted, maximizing operator comfort and performance.


    New electrohydraulic joysticks mold to the operator’s hands for all day comfort and increased functionality. Electrohydraulic control also means there are no hydraulic pilot lines running to the joysticks, eliminating a potential source of heat in the cab.

    Button Pad

    The button pad on the right hand console features on/off buttons clearly labeled with large icons for many features, including the parking brake, hydraulic arming and reversing fan.

    Other Cab Features Include:

    • Two cup holders
    • Two 12-volt power points for cell phone chargers etc.
    • Coat hook
    • AM/FM/CD/Sirius satellite radio package with USB and auxiliary inputs

    Comfort and visibility, of course, but you’ll find cab features that go beyond the basics to give you control options that can be customized and new operating functions.

    Advanced Controls

    Maximize machine and operator performance

    Creep Mode:

    Pushing through thick vegetation or mulching and back dragging can be hard on the operator if speed is controlled strictly with the foot pedal. Creep Mode is a great feature that gives the operator the ability to adjust speed up or down on the fly with joystick buttons, instead of with a foot pedal. Productivity is increased and operator fatigue reduced.

    Terrain Selection Mode:

    Quickly and easily optimize machine performance based on application requirements. Select Hill Mode to boost drivetrain power for working in rough conditions like hills or wet ground. Select Flat Mode to maximize speed and optimize fuel efficiency when ground conditions are good.

    Road Steer Mode:

    Fast steering is required when working, but slower steering is preferable when driving down a road to a new job site. Road Steer Mode slows the joystick’s response so the operator can steer the machine safely to the next site. The machine will automatically shift into Road Steer Mode when the two-speed transmission is shifted into high gear.

    Attachment Float Control (Optional)

    A touch of a button engages the optional Float Control so the attachment can follow the contours of the ground for a uniform, consistent mulch on uneven ground. This feature also reduces operator fatigue by reducing the continual adjustments needed when mulching on rough ground. Two buttons allow the operator to adjust the float pressure on the fly to maximize productivity and efficiency.

    Unique operating modes, combined with complete electrohydraulic controls, provide the operator with a smoother machine with increased productivity. These modes include Creep Mode to easily adjust machine speed to improve mulching, Terrain Selection Mode to optimize performance on hills or flat ground, and Road Steer Mode for high-speed transport of the machine.


    Safely home. Everyone. Every day.™

    Safety features in the Cat 586C Site Prep Tractor include:

    • Ground level fuel and hydraulic oil fills
    • Four-sided access to the engine and hydraulic pumps
    • ROPS/FOPS/OPS certified cab with tough Lexan windows
    • Additional mesh screen guarding on side windows
    • 360° visibility of the work area from the cab
    • Hydraulic disarm and parking brake automatically engage if door is opened
    • Safe and secure access into and out of the cab with grab handles and big fixed steps with gripper surface
    • Extreme-duty cooling packages
    • Pressurized compartments to minimize debris accumulation
    • Ground level machine kill switch
    • Halogen working lights
    • Safety lights package (optional)


    More ground level servicing to keep you safe

    Large hinged mesh screens over the door windows protect the operator when the sliding windows are open. These mesh screens swing out to remove debris caught between the door and screen.

    Engine/Hydraulic Compartment

    Large hinged doors at the rear of the machine, along with hinged doors on both sides and the bottom of the compartment, provide access to key engine components, filters, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic test ports and other key components.

    Cooling Compartment

    Removable rubber baffling and a split side screen protect the cooling system while making it easy to access for servicing. A locking latch on the lower half of the side screen allows for quick and easy access for cleaning out debris.

    Aftertreatment Compartment

    The aftertreatment compartment (only in machines equipped with Tier 4 engines) has full three-sided access to the Cat Clean Emissions Module optimizing service and cleaning access.

    Engine Air Precleaner System

    A precleaner and scavenger system increase the life of primary and secondary engine air filters by filtering out debris before it even gets to the air filters. Air first passes through the turbine style precleaner, which ejects dust and debris through an integrated shoot. The scavenger system then suctions off material that passed through the precleaner. This system can help extend air filter maintenance and replacement intervals.

    Tilting Cab

    The tilting cab provides full access to the interior of the machine, where the two-speed gearbox and hydrostat motor are located. You can also access the hydraulic hoses and electrical harnesses where they enter the center hitch area. The tilting cab also improves access to clean the machine and remove the batteries.


    No climbing up on the machine, dragging a fueling hose to fill the tank. The fuel tank is located behind the rear axle and the fill is at ground level. Simple, easy, safe.

    Hinged Access

    Additional hinged panels are used throughout for easy access to other components, such as the batteries, hydraulic filters and strategic bulkheads. All hinged panels are fabricated of heavyduty steel for durability and can be completely removed for servicing if desired.

    Electric Hydraulic Oil Fill Pump

    Hydraulic oil is added to the system quickly and easily from ground level with the standard electric hydraulic oil fill pump and a quick coupler hose stored on the machine. Oil is pumped through the filtration system before it enters the tank, safeguarding the hydraulic system.

    Electrical Routing

    Electrical harnesses segregate the wiring and connections within the core systems they support and are bulkheaded between each system. So, for example, a separate electrical harness that supports the engine is bulkheaded where it connects to the cooling package electrical harness. No more complex, spaghetti wiring. Troubleshooting electrical issues and replacing wires are greatly simplified.

    Hydraulic Hose Routing

    The same thinking was applied to hydraulic hose routing. Strategically placed bulkheads keep hoses short. In the center hitch, hoses are short and positioned dead center as they cross through the center hitch, so bending is minimized as the machine turns.

    Heavy-duty belly pans are also hinged providing durable guarding and access to the bottom of the machine for machine clean out.

    Just a single, short harness (bulkheaded on both sides) crosses the center hitch. This harness is protected, making it much less prone to damage, and is easily replaceable if necessary. All electrical harnesses are bulkheaded before they enter the cab, instead of lines fed in through holes in the floor. This keeps the cab quieter.

    Daily service points are in easy reach on the 586C. Add hydraulic oil with the electric pump and refuel with your boots on solid ground. The tilting cab and hinged panels give you access to even more.

    Integrated Technologies

    Work smarter

    Machine Troubleshooting

    The 586C comes with a troubleshooting feature that allows the operator to drill down and pinpoint the root cause of a problem, reducing the need for service calls and holding down costs. The operator can also check the main hydraulic pump and attachment pump pressures through the monitor in the cab – a feature unique to Cat site prep tractors.

    Cat Product Link™

    It pays to know where your equipment is, what it’s doing and how it’s performing at any given moment, so you can maximize efficiency, raise productivity and lower owning and operating costs for your fleet.

    Product Link is a remote monitoring solution that enables efficient and effective fleet management. Its easy-to-use interface, called VisionLink®, enables customized health and utilization reports, enhanced mapping and mixed-fleet capabilities. And Product Link transmits the information via cell and satellite.

    Caterpillar offers solutions to help you work smarter.


    The 586C is designed to maximize efficiency and productivity while conserving natural resources.

    • The 586C available in Highly Regulated Countries (HRC) is equipped with the Cat C9 ACERT engine that meets U.S. Tier 4 Interim emission standards.
    • The 586C available in Lesser and Non-Regulated Countries(LRC) is equipped with the Cat C9 ACERT engine that meets U.S. Tier 3 emission standards.
    • The C Series burns less fuel. Less fuel burned means reduced emissions.
    • Fewer parts and longer component life, less fuel and fluids, means less to replace and less to dispose.
    • Major structures and components are built to be rebuilt, reducing waste and replacement costs.


    Work tool attachments to meet your needs

    Cat HM825 Mulcher

    The HM825 can produce either coarse or fine mulch. You may need to make multiple passes, depending on the material being mulched and the consistency you want. Mulched material can be worked into the soil or left as ground cover.

    Cat BR624 Brushcutter

    The BR624 produces generally coarser material, about the size of your forearm. Multiple passes can help shred material smaller, but if you want a fine mulch the HM825 is the better choice.

    Attachment Quick Coupler

    The attachment quick coupler can simplify and shorten the time needed to switch attachments. Non-powered attachments can be hooked up without leaving the cab. Powered attachments hook up to a hydraulic quick coupler bulkhead system in the front frame of the tractor. Quick coupler hoses and mounting system are integrated into the design of both the HM825 Mulcher and BR624 Brushcutter. The hydraulic system stays clean because it is not exposed to the environment.

    Retrieval Assist Winch

    The Retrieval Assist Winch can help an operator get out of a sticky situation. The two-speed winch is hydraulically driven and can be powered in and out with in-cab controls.

    Designed for performance and reliability, the heavyduty hydraulic motor optimizes power and recovery. The patented rotor bar shaft and bearing are field proven and feature independent upper and lower grease chambers maximizing reliability. Two free-swinging blades use centrifugal force for cutting. The front edge is beveled, which helps when mulching light material by creating lift. Rotation can be reversed.

    The operator has clear visibility around the attachments. Discharge is directed down and away from the tractor. When the attachments are turned off, the tractor’s hydraulics slow the attachments’ moving parts to a safe stop.

    New Cat work tools have been developed to match the powerful capability of the 586C Site Prep Tractor. The Cat HM825 Mulcher and the Cat BR624 Brushcutter are available from the factory and supported by your Cat dealer. Other key 586C attachments include an attachment quick coupler and retrieval assist winch to increase versatility.

    The HM825 and BR624 are both durable and reliable. Rugged structures, reinforced skids and internal abrasion-resistant plating minimize downtime and repairs. All daily service points are at ground level and adjustments are easy to make.

    The BR624 is designed for mowing brush up to 11 cm (4 in) diameter or single stems up to 20 cm (8 in). The cutting path is 2.44 m (8 ft). Minimal mulch is worked into soil.

    The HM825 is designed for mixed applications and is the best tool for mowing heavy mixed brush or single stems up to 40.6 cm (16 in) diameter. The cutting path is 2.54 m (8.3 ft).

    Dual variable hydraulic motors optimize power and recovery. Oversized rotor hub and bearings are field proven for high cycle applications. The belt-driven rotor drum reduces shock loading on the tractor’s hydraulic system. Three large sets of counter knives make it possible to mulch many projects in a single pass.

    The HM825 features both a heavy-duty hydraulic guide bar and mulching door. Both are activated with dual hydraulic cylinders.

    The drum is designed to reduce fuel consumption by minimizing drag. Debris doesn’t collect on the smooth surface and the double carbide-tipped teeth are staggered so that only one tooth is in contact with the ground at a time.

    Customer Support

    Count on Caterpillar and your Cat dealer

    Your local Cat dealer is your land management consultant who can recommend the machines, work tools and services to maximize your operation and provide the support to keep you at top productivity.

    • 24-hour parts availability, where and when you need them, to minimize expensive downtime
    • Operator training to get the most out of your Cat equipment
    • Field services to provide on-site help when needed
    • Timely repair and replacement services
    • Customer Support Agreements to lower your operating costs
    • State-of-the-art diagnostic programs, such as S·O·SSM oil analysis, inspection services and trend reporting to help avoid unscheduled repairs
    • Financing programs for buying, renting or leasing Cat equipment
    • Cat Financial Commercial Account, a fast and convenient way to pay for or rent anything offered at any Cat dealer or The Cat Rental Store
    • Cat Insurance to cover equipment losses from theft, collision, flood, upset or overturn, fire, vandalism and more
    • Product Link to manage your equipment fleet through remote monitoring

  • Engine Power 350 hp
    Engine Manufacturer Caterpillar
    Gross Power 350 hp
    Engine Model Cat® C9.3 ACERT
    Engine Speed 1880 RPM
    Wheelbase 120 in
    Width - Overall, 30.5 tires 123.6 in.
    Operating Weight w/o Attachment 38450 lb
    Attachment Pump* 378 L/min @ 37 921 kPa - 100 gpm @ 5,500 psi
    Hydrostatic Pump* 242 L/min @ 37 370 kPa - 64 gpm @ 5,420 psi
    Primary Hydrauic Pump* 155 L/min @ 27 579 kPa - 41 gpm @ 4,000 psi
    Ground Clearance 24.7 in
    Fuel Capacity** 130.5 gal
    Travel Speed (High Range with 30.5L × 32 Tires) 0-19.8 km/h 0-12.3 mph
    Travel Speed (Low Range with 30.5L × 32 Tires) 0 - 8.4 km/h 0 - 5.2 mph


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