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Yancey Bros. Co. is the exclusive vendor for the full line of Trail King Construction Trailers in Georgia. As North America's largest manufacturer of specialized trailers, Trail King has earned a reputation for providing innovative solutions to your most complex hauling problems. For more information on any of these Trail King Trailers call your Yancey Bros. Co. Sales Representative or your local Yancey store today.

Hydraulic detatchable gooseneck trailers
Trail King's standard hydraulic detachable gooseneck trailers are available as 2- or 3-axle models in capacities from 70,000 to 120,000 lbs. All units feature our exclusive non-ground bearing gooseneck design. Benefits include the ability to raise or lower the gooseneck above or below ground level, ease of connection due to the v-shaped alignment guide, and the air-activated, self-locking mechanism which prevents accidental detachment.

Hydraulic tail trailers
Trail King Hydraulic Tail Trailers are available with a pair of 22,500 pound axles and are available with anti-lock brakes. They have an 86-inch swing clearance and a 12,000 pound hydraulic winch with level wind. The tail is 11'10" with a 46-inch fold under, raises to a 58-inch dock height, and lowers to ground level. These trailers have hydraulic actuated tail locks, telescopic slack adjusters, and a pair of tool boxes in front of the upper deck.

Tag trailers
Trail King Tag Trailers are built for light construction, rental yards, and agricultural use. Ideal for light duty trucks and pick-ups, they feature electric brakes, pintle hitch, safety headboard, and 4' I-beam crossmembers on 16' centers. All Trail King Tag Trailers are payload capacity rated at highway speeds and feature heavy duty truck-type wheels and axles. A lower deck height and radial tires are new standard features on all Trail King tag trailers.

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