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Yancey Bros. Co. is proud to be a dealer for Bandit Chippers.

Founded in 1983, Bandit Industries, Inc. is among the largest global manufacturers for wood and waste processing equipment, including whole tree wood chippers, forestry mowers, horizontal grinders, and specialty yard equipment. Only Bandit offers the powerful Beast© Recycler horizontal grinder, able to recycle everything from wood waste to roofing shingles and more. Over 50,000 Bandit machines have been sold around the world and are used daily in virtually every type of climate, on any terrain. All Bandit machines are built in the USA and serve professionals in the logging, tree care, biomass, land clearing, stump grinding, mulch, recycling and renewable energy markets.

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Bandit offers nine towable and six self-propelled whole tree chipper models. They can handle any size project in any location. Bandit pioneered the self-propelled chipper market by offering the industry’s first track whole tree chipper in 1990. Disc-style or drum-style chippers are available ranging in size from 18-inch to 36-inch capacity with engines over 1,000 horsepower.

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Bandit offers four towable, four self-propelled, and four electrically powered Beast recyclers | horizontal grinders. These extremely versatile machines can process everything from stumps and slash to construction waste, shingles, tires, plastic pallets and more! Beast recyclers | horizontal grinders range in size from 16-inch to 45-inch capacity with engines over 1,000 horsepower. All Beast recyclers | horizontal grinders can be outfitted as electric units, further enhancing the capability and efficiency of these amazing machines.

The different versions of Recyclers and Horizontal Grinders include:

  •  Towable Beast Recyclers / Horizontal Grinders
  •  Self-Propelled Track Beast Recyclers / Horizontal Grinders
  •  Electric Beast Recyclers / Horizontal Grinders

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The future in forestry mowing and high production land clearing centers around the full-line of track crawlers offered by Bandit. Input from customers and forestry mower users have led them to develop extremely efficient models. These units provide unmatched hydraulic power, plenty of engine horsepower, and unsurpassed operator comfort. 

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To Rent or Purchase Bandit Equipment

Talk to the Yancey Chipping experts about our great range of Bandit equipment, including chippers, recyclers, grinders, mowers and mulchers. They’ll easily be able to show you the advantages of owning and operating Bandit equipment that will prove to be reliable, efficient and highly productive.

Yancey has Bandit equipment in inventory for rent, or you may choose to purchase a Bandit machine straight out. Our experts give advice on which option is best for your operations.

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