Gas Generator CG132B-16
Gas Generator CG132B-16
Gas Generator CG132B-16
Gas Generator CG132B-16

The Cat CG132B family of gas engines are perfectly tailored to the challenges of the power plant in an age of global value chains.

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Maximum Continuous Rating 800 kW @1.0pf
Fuel Type Natural Gas, Biogas
Maximum Electrical Efficiency 43.5% / 42.6%
Maximum Standby Rating 800 kW
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
RPM 1500 / 1800 rpm
Engine Model CG132
Displacement 2135.8 in³
Aspiration TA
Bore 5.2 in
Stroke 6.3 in
Length 165 in
Width 70 in
Height 85 in
Dry Weight - Genset 17691 lb

  • Optimized engine components mean the CG132 uses up to 50% less lubricating oil than competing generator sets, which means more money stays in your company's pockets

  • The CG132 uses nearly 50% less space than similar system
  • Less space means lower installation costs

  • Temperature and pressure monitoring for each cylinder
  • Anti-knock control allow for maximum power output and the best possible fuel utilization, even if gas composition changes

  • Our gas-mixer technology and Total Electronic Management System let you use a wide variety of gases, including problematic gases like digester, landfill and sewage gases