CVP40 Vibratory Plate Compactor
CVP40 Vibratory Plate Compactor
CVP40 Vibratory Plate Compactor
CVP40 Vibratory Plate Compactor

Vibratory action and dynamic force provides excellent compaction in a compact size.

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Impulse Force 8992.36 lb
Impact Frequency 2200 bpm
Base Plate Width 23.2 in
Compaction Area 6.1 ft²
Base Plate Pressure 10.2 psi
Base Plate Length 38 in
Optimal Hydraulic Flow 18 gal/min
Minimum Operating Pressure 1800.1 psi
Weight 886.3 lb

Used for compacting soil, sand or gravel prior to pouring concrete or laying asphalt surfaces. Also ideal for asphalt patch work.

These units produce high-power impulses at a rate of 2200 impacts per minute driving soil particles close together for solid, stable compactions.

Cat® Compactors are performance-matched to Cat machines and integrate closely with the Cat Hammer line. Brackets and hydraulic kits are interchangeable between hammers and compactors. Compactors can be used with Pin Grabber Couplers, Dedicated Hydraulic Couplers or Pin Lock Couplers.

Hydraulic hoses are protected inside the frame of the compactor. Jumper lines are routed out the back of the compactor. Hoses are out of the way — even in tight trenches.

Oil changes are simplified with the rear centerline plug and can be changed while the compactor is installed.

An optional bolt-on backfill blade can be mounted on both front and back of the compactor.