New 305 Mm (12 In) Standard Bit For Sale in Georgia – Yancey Bros. Co.
305 mm (12 in) Standard Bit
305 mm (12 in) Standard Bit
305 mm (12 in) Standard Bit
305 mm (12 in) Standard Bit

Designed for digging postholes, footings, shrub and tree plantings easily and efficiently.

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Type Standard Bit
Overall Length 50.3 in
Weight 101.4 lb
Cut Diameter 12 in
Bit Extension 305, 610, 915, 1829 mm (12, 24, 36, 72 in)
Teeth 4

Standard duty bits are used in normal ground conditions and fracturable rock applications for ordinary digging. Best for those who dig 250-300 holes a day, allowing quick tooth changes.

Tree bits are utilized best in abrasive soil and fracturable rock. Tree bits are tapered for drilling a larger diameter upper hole for a root ball and smaller diameter hole for mulch or fertilizer.

Industrial bits provide excellent tooth retention while digging, yet allows for easy removal and installation.

Standard rock drill head bits transform a standard bit to an industrial version when ground conditions change from normal to severe, including hard rock and various types of concrete conditions. Bits can easily be removed when returning to dirt or normal conditions.

Standard rock drill head has an enlarged shoulder to increase holder protection protect the connection for use in solid fracturable rock and high impact soil. A variety of auger flights are available to handle various ground conditions. Gage teeth for the outer station and flat and/or chisel teeth for the inner stations. Flights are available hard faced or carbide to handle abrasive soil and compacted rock.