Cat Payload for excavators, an onboard scale system, provides on-the-go weighing of material in the bucket improving loading efficiency and job site productivity. Cat Payload uses cylinder pressure data and machine sensors to continuously calculate material weight as you work.

  • Reduce load times.
  • Optimize loading efficiency and increase jobsite productivity.
  • On-the-go load weighing to hit precise load targets every time.
  • Monitor and manage production to improve efficiency and lower costs.
  • Optimize your truck fleet size for reduced operator, fuel, and maintenance costs.


Select your target depth and slope and watch the Grade with 2D system use on-board processors and sensors to provide real-time guidance on the distance to grade. The system helps excavator operators work up to 35% more efficiently in a wide variety of applications.

  • Eliminates ground stakes in most applications.
  • Displays target grade with visual guidance plus height and depth.
  • Easily adjust to target depth and slope using joystick commands, a touchscreen interface, or a jog dial.
  • Integrated components are protected from damage, ensuring long life and reduced maintenance costs.


Cat 2D E-fence is an excavator safety feature that keeps the front linkage within a predefined work area to avoid hazards such as traffic. 2D E-fence uses data from position sensors to automatically stop motion when the front linkage reaches the operator defined boundaries.

  • Work safer with less ground personnel checking grade in the trench or around your excavator.
  • Reduce operating fatigue from overswinging or overdigging.
  • Minimize jobsite costs due to a damaged excavator.
  • Avoid damaging underground utilities or other structures